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YMCA Archery

The YMCA provides a rare opportunity to learn this ancient sport under skilled supervision. In recent years, archery has garnered a loyal and dedicated following as a leisure pursuit. Testing both the skill of the participant and the balance and craftsmanship of the equipment, the challenge of mastering one of mankind's oldest hunting weapons holds broad appeal for both sexes and a variety of ages. Having mastered the mounting and drawing of a bow, novices can soon experience the thrill of releasing their first arrow at a simple target, under controlled and safe conditions.  Once a degree of proficiency has been mastered, the distance between archer and target will be increased. 

Equipment is provided and all skill levels are welcome.  This is a great activity for the whole family.  Come join us for some exciting family fun!

Space is limited so click here to register today.

6 Week Group Lessons available for beginners on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. 

6 Week Group Lessons available for advanced on Tuesdays.

Open Shoot Target Practice available on Wednesdays for advanced archers.

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