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Financial Assistance

ANNUAL CAMPAIGN Funding/ Financial Assistance


Annual Campaign Funding applications for 2014 summer camp and 2014/2015 school year will be accepted starting March 1, 2014.

Community Support Funding Quick Form with Camp

Community Support Funding Application ( Did not File taxes) 


All YMCA members receive the same membership benefits, regardless of whether or not they are receiving assistance. YMCA members can feel great knowing that they are involved in an organization that cares for the health and well being of people. We are committed to promoting our core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

The community support funding program utilizes a sliding fee scale that is designed to fit each individual’s financial situation. The YMCA believes a strong sense of ownership and pride is developed if the recipient has contributed to the cost of their YMCA involvement; therefore you will be asked to pay some portion of the fees.

As much as we would like to provide each applicant with support funding, our Community Support Campaign funds are limited. As a result, funds may be occasionally unavailable, and only to those who demonstrate the greatest need will qualify. Not every applicant will receive a support funding. 

We have created a Community Support Funding quick from which allows you to apply for and receive support funding on the spot at the front desk of your Y.  You will need a copy of last years tax return (not W-2).  If you did not files taxes you must complete the regular community support funding application.

The application requests information, which will help us assess your need for financial assistance. PLEASE READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND COMPLETE THIS APPLICATION IN FULL AND TO THE BEST OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE.  Children's Services Council/ SAMIS, Government and quasi-government organizations may provide funding to the Y related to our scholarship assistance program. We will share your application with these organizations should they request it. The YMCA also requires that individuals supply additional information and/or re-apply for scholarship when requested to do so.

Please contact Brandy Milette  at (772) 286-4444 ext.237 or









Children's Service's Council of Okeechobee


 Stuart Macaroni Kid





in partnership with Children's Services Council of St Lucie County