The Locum [lawyer] cannot, for the duration of this contract, even if it is extended by mutual agreement, as indicated in the paragraph or for a period [of months] after the end of the contract for some reason: the parties may include a compromise clause, so that all disputes between the contracting company or the lawyer and counsel of the Locum are settled by a binding arbitration procedure. The parties may also specify that judicial matters must also be determined by the arbitrator. The Locum [lawyer`s] agreement applies to a fixed term beginning at [the date] (the “start date”) and automatically ending on the [date of the “end date”) unless it is terminated earlier in accordance with the following provisions [see the termination provisions of the section or paragraph] or renewed by a reciprocal written agreement. You can also outline the approach and preferences of the contracting company/lawyer in the handling of client cases and/or files, z.B. to return calls from clients within 24 hours to be made by Locum`s lawyer. If so, this should be recorded in the agreement to avoid any misunderstanding. [The following clauses apply when the parties have chosen a type of independent contractor.] Can the contracting company/lawyer terminate the relationship for no reason by notifying the company or the contracting lawyer? If so, how much notification is required, taking into account customer needs, length of agreement, type of relationship, etc.? The contracting company/lawyer may require the lawyer to devote all of his time and attention to the term of the contract, so that the lawyer has no competing obligations. If this is the case, this requirement should be defined in the agreement. It may be helpful for the parties to set out the context of Locum`s counsel`s agreement.

The scope of the work and tasks that will be entrusted to Locum`s lawyer will be an important topic of discussion. This information should be recorded and/or attached to the agreement. Will the company or contract lawyer provide a detailed note on the active files for which Locum`s lawyer is promoted? If so, when will the transfer note be served on Locum`s lawyer and will it allow the opportunity to discuss and ask questions before the contracting lawyer leaves? Will the client indicate what steps Locum`s lawyer must take or perform? Will Locum`s lawyer be responsible for verifying and responding to emails and emails, or will company staff or lawyers be primarily responsible for deleting all messages and passing on those who need the attention of a lawyer to Locum`s lawyer? Below is a list of important points that may be part of your contract. We have also identified potential problems and provided standard contractual clauses: the parties can declare that the contract is the whole agreement between the parties and that neither party can rely on insurance or other agreements. If there are other agreements that should be included by reference (for example. B a separate document dealing with certain customers), the contract should indicate this.