Here at the Y, it’s in our blood to serve the critical needs of our community, especially during times like these!  We realize that we are who we are because of YOU!  Thanks to your support, we are in a position to be able to serve 140 kids across the Treasure Coast so that First Responders and Essential Workers can continue to meet the critical needs of our community.  Thank you for sticking with us!  If you are looking for a way to help, or a way to help MORE, check out these ways for making a difference here locally during the COVID-19 crisis.

Membership at the Y means MORE than just a gym and swim, if you aren’t a member and you want to be a part of our cause, JOIN TODAY!  If you are currently a member and are financially able to retain your membership during this time, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  For those impacted by COVID-19 and are financially unable to continue their membership, we are able to put your account on hold and we would love to see you return just as soon as you can.  Contact our membership director Ashley Brown to put your account on hold.

We strive to serve and strengthen our community in everything we do.  Financially supporting the Y means supporting a family or a child in times like these.  A gift of any size can help us provide childcare for struggling families.  Your financial support can also be earmarked to help us pay for certain aspects of our facility upkeep so that we can be sure to re-open just as quickly as possible.

We can always use supplies!  If you are going to BJ’s and can pick us up some snacks or critical supplies for our on-going childcare operations, it would be really helpful!  Be sure to check out the list of items that we are in need of.  Maybe you’ve got some extra Clorox Wipes lying around the house, or some prepackaged snacks that you know you don’t want to eat?  Drop them off for us here at the Y and we will find a good use for them!  Email Elisha to coordinate a drop-off or pick-up.  We appreciate your support in some new and creative ways!


While our closure is only temporary, we are looking forward to seeing you back here in the facility just as soon as it is safe.  Be sure to monitor our COVID-19 Facility Updates page for current info on Virtual Workouts, cancelled programs and events, gym and pool availability, etc.