The proof of residence (DMV) is an affidavit issued by a third party (3rd) to assert that a person is a resident of the state. Most states require an applicant to provide at least two (2) “proof of residence” in addition to sworn insurance for a driver`s license or voter registration. These “residence documents” usually take the form of another government identifier (with an address), an electricity bill, a rental agreement or a valid document indicating an address with the resident`s name. Individuals who are unable to provide two acceptable documents to verify the “residence address” may provide alternative documents to meet the requirements: persons who are U.S. citizens or who legally reside in the United States and renew their valid or expired validity less than one year of Colorado`s driver`s license, instructions or ID can only provide this document in order to meet the updated requirements. if the address of this document corresponds to the current address. NOTE: Source documents (2 required) must be original AND contain a valid DC address (po box is not acceptable). Computer impressions of online invoices are considered original and must be printed and brought in prior to the DC DMV visit. The statement of this affidavit must be satisfied by the information it requests.

Several empty lines, which are peppered everywhere, give you different areas to present the necessary information. Use the first empty line to document the full name of the signature part. This is the person who intends to act as an audit of the person`s home address. The full name of the person (the subject) whose residence address is declared must have his or her full name in the empty space before the term “… He`s a resident. Now name the status in which the applicant`s address is physically in the empty space, in the words “State Of.” You must continue this information using the building number, street name and apartment number of the item`s address in the empty space as “… with a street address from. Note: This must be a physical address that can be found and accessible when it has arrived. The subject`s home address is considered complete only if you register the city and state where it is on the empty lines, as “city of” and “state of” (or).