Come build your endurance, strength, agility and athleticism in our new Functional Integrated Training (FIT) Zone! Classes will be taught by trainers Seth & Tressa. Heart-rate monitor recommended. Limited spaces available.

Week 1: Endurance
We will help you perfect your form on fundamental exercises while keeping a challenging, steady pace with minimal rest to keep your heart rate above 50% of your max heart rate throughout our workout. The goal is to improve your reps throughout the week and build up your endurance.

Week 2: Strength & Agility
We will be incorporating weights to help build strength while we will increase your heart rate with agility drills that will in turn enhance your speed and athleticism.

Week 3: Intervals
We will be upping the intensity with high-intensity drill-based cardio exercises to help you push yourself to the max with full rest breaks in between.

Week 4: PEAKS
We will be testing your improved endurance, speed, and strength with pushing your heart rate to its max for longer intervals with recovery in between rounds.

Week 5: Community Combo
During the last week, we will be encouraging you to invite a friend to come train with you as we will be doing a mixture of all the previous weeks.

Pre–Registration is Required: $199 for Members, $249 for Non-Members