“Max Rep Club”

6-week: 10% Improvement Challenge

Choose an exercise that you want to perform for the challenge. We strongly encourage you choose a compound movement using your larger muscle groups. Ex. Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder Press, Leg Press, Bench Press, or Pull-Up.

With proper form, complete the movement for 1 or 4 reps with your maximum weight for that number of repetitions. This weight is your “INITIAL MAX”. A YMCA staff member will calculate your “GOAL MAX” weight. (TARGET=10% increase).

Registration is $25

The cost will include initial goal setting, projection, and accountability for 6 weeks. Everyone will receive a YMCA “MAX REP CLUB” shirt. Trainers will periodically provide other exercises to perform on additional days to help you reach your goal! All fitness levels are welcome to participate and machines are included.