With effect at 6 months before March 31, 2018, the parties are entitled to renegotiate all provisions of the current collective agreement, including salary increases and benefits. If no conclusion is reached, the dispute will be resolved by the final selection of interest rates for a binding solution. The arbitrator is not entitled to change the collective`s expiry date and each party may request additional full reopenings. Seniority: From the date the store completes the transition or january 1, 2015, depending on the date of the first, all employees will use their tenancy date as the seniority date for the purposes of the collective agreement [previously, employees had different dates]. Overwaitea Food Group acquired the troubled IGA in April 2016 and used the quarterly audit language to improve the store`s financial viability. Quarterly review is a collective agreement procedure that allows the employer to require temporary concessions to avoid branch closures. In February 2017, the Quarterly Audit Committee, made up of store members, agreed to accept temporary concessions. What is important is that the agreement contained a pay increase that members had not seen in this store in five years. But it also froze salaries and suspended ATO claims until the store achieved the goal of improving financial performance. Months of discussion and a review of the financial documents disclosed by the employer followed.

Voluntary training package [new extension]: Grid B employees with 4,000 or more employees during the 2008 collective agreement who are still employed by Grid B have the option of taking voluntary severance pay or obtaining a lump sum payment of $5,000 and maintaining employment [new increase]. The decision includes the return to full-time and part-time wages for Grid A employees, the reinstatement of the cumulative downtime (ATO), wage increases in 2017 and 2018, the elimination of supplier warehouses and the elimination of weekly maximization at 15 per cent of the lower part of the schedule. In addition, all vacancy notices and important personnel provisions were attributed to the full terms of the agreement. Collective agreement [new addition]: it must be put in place to review and make the collective agreement understood. “This is a great asset to our members,” said Treasurer Kim Novak. “They helped the store get back on track financially, went through the difficulty of the quarterly audit, and now they`re back to the collective agreement, including the return of ATO, salary increases and all the other conditions.” A 120-month extension contract, which will take effect from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2023, with a reopening on March 31, 2018, was decided in March 2013 during the negotiation phase.