TUGs 2021 in the U.S. and Canada are available for download on this page. If you realize that growers don`t need information about all crops, you can use the links below to customize your technology usage guide by selecting only the crops you`re interested in. The PDF file you will receive contains an overview of the management as well as the harvest information selected below. The Technology Use Guide (TUG) provides a concise source of technical information on the current portfolio of technology products offered by bayers Crop Science Division in the United States or Canada, and defines the requirements and policies for the use of these products. Download this comprehensive guide for technical information on Bayer`s current technology portfolio. To ensure access to these latest technologies, farmers can benefit from an ASD www.agcelerate.com via the AgCelerate Stewardship platform. AgCelerate is a place where you can see and manage your technology agreements with Bayer and other feature providers. Farmers wishing to buy or plant seeds using Bayer technologies need a current Bayer Technology Stewardship Agreement (TSA). Bayer`s proprietary properties are offered in more than 200 different brands through an approved distribution network, allowing you to maximize your farm`s return potential. If you would like to receive the U.S.

TUG or The TuG Squash in the mail, please enter your name and address below. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. If you want to receive the guide earlier, scroll up to download a PDF file. . Get answers to the most important questions about the Technology Stewardship Agreement (TSA). Learn more about agCelerate Stewardship Platform. Learn more about our portfolio of plant technologies and the policies of their use. .

Thank you very much. Your guide to using the technology will be sent to you as soon as possible. To request a copy of CANADIAN TUG 2021, you can call Bayer Canada Technical Assistance at 1-888-283-6847.