For employers, competition bans are often deemed necessary to protect customer relationships and confidential information. A worker should consider consulting a lawyer before signing a non-competition clause or, if one has already been signed, before working for a potential competitor of the former employer. Often, an employee can negotiate a solution to a potential competitive conflict without having to go to court to reach an agreement that allows both parties to move forward without harming or negatively influencing the interests of the other. Most agreements that set a time limit of less than six months are considered appropriate, while agreements with a period of more than two years are considered inappropriate. In most cases, the courts will find a period of less than two years unenforceable. Only a maximum of two years can be implemented. Also important: you can prevent recruiting customers and starting your own business in the same field. What I do not know, whether the work would be enforceable against a competitor – fortunately, this provision was missing from my agreement and so I narrowly escaped. Competitive agreements can be a good tool to protect your investment in your employees and protect trade secrets. Otherwise, they can be a pain if you try to settle. On any side you are, it`s always best to have a lawyer by your side to check the deal and make sure your business is fully protected..