The CEC is not applicable outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland. Be sure to mention the mutual health agreement with the UK and have all the necessary evidence documents when you have access to health care. Note: Health agreements with the following countries were denounced in 2016: while the additional rules on respect for the original burden cannot be fully repealed, the UK and Turkey could in theory take steps to facilitate the qualification of exports for a future free trade agreement. They could, for example, simplify the qualification criteria for the original criteria that may originate and/or agree that inputs from EU-27 sources can be charged on local value-added thresholds, known as “cumulatives”. However, Turkey is bound by the terms of its customs union with the EU, which is to emulate the original criteria applied in the eu-UK free trade agreement in its own trade agreement with Britain. This means that flexibility such as the one proposed above can only exist if the EU approves it in its own negotiations with the UK. The agreements do not cover the cost of repatriation to the UK (repatriation) or routine monitoring of existing conditions. (a) The Schedule 1 amendments proposed in the agreements in the Schedule 2 decisions of the Commission; (a) the legislation to which the agreements apply is amended to include a reference to Part 1 of the 2014 Pension Act; (a) any person who, under UK law, is entitled to an old-age pension or a basic pension (or equivalent conditions) who is not entitled to an old-age pension or an equivalent old-age pension under the provisions of these agreements providing for the determination of the right to such a pension, is amended to include a reference to a state pension under Section 2 (right to a full-rate or reduced state pension) or 4 (right to the state pension at the transitional rate) of the 2014 Pension Act; 5. Both governments recognize that some issues, including the more precise definition of the various conditions that would put reciprocal commitments into effect, need further consideration before the final agreement can be reached. This review continues. 2. It was agreed that, in the interests of their national security, the two countries would conclude a final long-term reciprocal agreement.

The list of countries with which the Uk has a social security agreement is on GOV.UK. Find out which non-EU countries the UK has agreements on national insurance and entitlement to benefits. This will not happen until the final agreement has been reached. If you plan to live or work in one of the countries of mutual agreement, the information contained in the links below may not apply. If you are seconded to the UK from an EEA country or Switzerland, please read what happens if I am a seconded worker from the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland?. The answers to the following questions assume that you are from a non-EEA/Switzerland country with which the UK has a bilateral social security agreement. You pay national insurance for the first 52 weeks you are abroad, if you work for an employer outside the EEA, Switzerland and bilateral social security countries and if you meet the following three conditions: For migrants covered by a reciprocal agreement, contributions paid to social security authorities in the United Kingdom and the country of origin are counted in determining eligibility for benefits payable by each country. The agreement contains detailed rules for different types of benefits and information on whether a worker is receiving benefits from the UK or his country of origin. countries outside the EEA, but with which the United Kingdom has entered into a