We could have continued to build reservoirs on western rivers. But such projects take years (10 or even 15) to be built. The water from these mighty rivers cannot be immediately stopped or diverted. It would not have been possible to punish Pakistan immediately. Of course, we could have used existing old structures to maintain or redirect the waters, but Pakistan could only have been a limited and temporary distress. Beyond one point, maintaining the waters would have caused us problems. We cannot erect immediate barriers on the three western rivers; they will continue to sink in Pakistan. Even the eastern rivers (India) go to Pakistan and then to the Arabian Sea as part of the De l`Indus system. It follows that India`s abrogation of the treaty, while guaranteeing India a great deal of international opprobrium, would not have been a powerful weapon in our hands. Pakistan`s only immediate “punishment” would have been the disappearance of a legal and treaty claim on the waters of the system and the creation of a level of insecurity in the minds of Pakistanis.

Nehru hoped the agreement would bring prosperity and peace, friendship and goodwill between India and Pakistan to farmers on both sides. Unfortunately, this did not happen, as relations between the two countries are still strained. 5. To stop the flow of this water, the centre is currently taking three measures – resumption of the construction of the Shahpurkandi project; Construction of the Ujh multipurpose project; and a second Ravi Beas link under Ujh. The Indus Rises in southwestern Tibet and flows through the disputed region of Kashmir, then flows into Pakistan to flow into the Arabian Sea. It is connected by many tributaries, especially those of the eastern plain of Punjab – the rivers Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej. The Indus river system has always been used for irrigation. Modern irrigation works began around 1850. During the period of British rule in India, large canal systems were built, and old canal systems and flood canals were revived and modernized.

However, in 1947, British India was divided, which led to the creation of an independent India and West Pakistan (later called Pakistan). .