There’s no magic sauce for getting healthy, gaining muscle or losing weight.  In fact there’s really no need to keep making New Year’s Resolutions. . . . Success will come with consistency and dedication.  That’s why we bring you YMCA CLUB 180.  It’s simple. First, sign up to Join the challenge.  Then, once you have worked out (ie checked in) at the Y 180 days of the year, you will receive a signature Club 180 T-Shirt or Tank Top.  You WILL WANT THIS SHIRT!  Whether you are coming for a bootcamp class or a yoga class, to lift some weight, to run on the treads or swim in the pool, we just want you to STAY ACTIVE!  We will track your success and you will get some sweet swag to show off that you #TOOKTHECHALLENGE!

The awesome thing about this challenge, is that:

1) it’s only $15.

2) 3-4 days per week is the average # of days per week to accomplish this and that is TOTALLY D0-Able!

3) The variety of work-out opportunity at the Y will always give you a way to shake up your routine – no boredom excuses here!

3) The Y Swag you will receive is AWESOME~

Sign up today and don’t forget to scan your key tag every time you come in for your workout!