As we are getting back to “Normal,” it’s important to us to point out what the new “Normal” is starting to look like here at the Y.  It’s safe to say that the quarantine period and after-math restrictions from Covid-19 are ones that we will never forget.  Our habits and daily lives have undoubtedly been affected in one way or another.  Many of us have adjusted to new norms and thrived, others of us are still waiting for 2019 to come back.

While we are managing through the day to day updates and changes, there are a few things that we want you to know that continue to be important to us here at the Y:

In a nutshell, here’s the “New Normal” as of June 22nd:

  • Fitness Center Hours: Mon-Fri 5am-1pm and 4pm to 8pm, Sat/Sun 7am-1pm.  No reservation required.
  • Childwatch: Mon-Sat 8am-12pm, No reservation required.  We have not been seeing heavy usage.  You can feel good knowing that your child will be part of a very small group with one of our staff available during these hours so that you can get your work-out on!
  • Group Exercise: More classes added yet again, with more coming in July!  We do plan to continue to incrementally add classes back to the schedule as we can on a monthly basis.  Our schedule can be viewed HERE as well as on our App. Reservations required.
  • Pick-Up Sports: Now Available and now including nights specifically for High-School students only as well as nights specifically for Adult pick-up play!  No reservation required.  Our schedule can be viewed HERE as well as on our App. No reservation required.
  • Pickleball: We are up and running with Pickleball on Tuesdays and Thursday from 8am-1pm on 2 courts.  On Sundays, we’ve got 4 courts from 8am-11am. New Nets have been ordered as well 🙂 Beginning July 1st, we will allow drop-in players to return for $5.  No reservation required.
  • Open Gym: We are keeping hours available for members to meet up of families to grab a ball and shoot around.   Our schedule can be viewed HERE as well as on our App. No reservation required.
  • Pool Usage: Lap Swimming continues to be available and in high demand! In order to ensure that a lane is available when you arrive, please continue to Make A Reservation.  Hours may change from (minorly) week to week as we keep our camp groups further separated from our Water Aerobics and Lap Swim, etc.  Lane Availability can be viewed as you make your reservation.  Water Aerobics is also back on Tuesdays and can be viewed on the schedule along with all other Group Exercise offerings.  At this time, Family Free Swim is not available unless you reserve a lane.
  • Locker Rooms: Locker Room usage is back open and showers are available.  No excuses on getting back into your routine!

While this info will continue to evolve, we will keep updating our Covid-19 Update page as your one-stop resource for what you need to know!

With all that’s available, we look forward to seeing you back over here at the Y!